Digital Art

I am constantly inspired by portraitures and create them often in my spare time. I work with Procreate on my iPad Pro, which enables me to bring realistic painted textures to my portraits and also allows me to create speed painting videos of my process. These portraits take many, many hours to complete; the Timothy Dalton speed painting to the right is the culmination of 17 hours of painting time!

I always aim to bring a painterly quality to my illustrations, and I am big on colour. I love to make bold, beautiful pieces that look striking both in print and on the web. This type of artwork is suited for magazines, album covers, book and DVD covers, posters, you name it. I'm eager to take on commissions, either for personal or business use, so please do get in touch if you would like to discuss a project.
This page is a selection of my favourites - personal pieces that I've made just for fun. They often reflect my interests; you'll see a lot of television, film and music faces here!
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