Self Guided Graphics Propmaking
Lockdown 2020 Project

During lockdown in 2020 I found myself doing a deep dive into my family tree; I'm a fan of history and was inspired to learn that three of my relatives served in WWII. I wanted to translate this knowledge into a graphics project; imagining the documents and ephemera that they might've owned in their daily lives. I set out to make accurate recreations of official documents such as the Ration Book, National Registration ID Card and the Soldier's Service & Pay Book. I also created my own designs for fictional chocolates, cigarettes, a theatre programme and a newspaper. Themes of Portsmouth are woven throughout as all three men were born and lived in Portsmouth.
A brief summary of the research into my relatives can be found below:
Private Ronald Jepp enlisted in the Hampshire Regiment and was posted to 3 Section, Medium Machine Gun Platoon, 9th Battalion Parachute Regiment. On the 6th of June 1994 he took part in Operation Overlord; also known as D-Day. Ronald was sadly killed in action on 12 June 1944.
Cpl Terrence Jepp was a part of the Royal Army Medical Corp and also took part in D-Day. He was tasked with setting up a First Aid Post at the Merville Battery. Landing in France, he soon encountered a German patrol who took him prisoner. Luckily he escaped and returned to England.
Sergeant Alfred G. R. Cowdrey served with the Royal Air Force in the 115th Squadron. He departed RAF Witchford on 16 December 1943 in a Lancaster Bomber, with a bombing raid mission on Berlin. The aircraft crashed in Heemskerk, and all crew members sadly lost their lives.
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