National Television Awards

My Minor project for the third year of university involved designing my own set for the National Television Awards. My concept involved taking the shapes of the Union Jack and exploding them into set pieces, flanked with luxurious drapes to give a sense of occasion.

The mood boards exploring my ideas and themes were inspired by light entertainment designers such as Peter Bingemann, and for the green room I experimented with the idea of exploding a globe motif into set pieces.

Instead of submitting the standard white card model, for this project I experimented with producing a fully coloured digital model in Sketchup. Considering I wasn’t particularly familiar with the software at first, I am pleased with the progress I made. Technical drawings were produced in AutoCAD at 1:50 scale, with 1:20 details.

Concept visuals were taken from the Sketchup model, rendered using Twilight Rendering and additional tweaks made in Adobe Photoshop CC.

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