Hello, and welcome!
I am a graphic designer, illustrator and general creative wizard. Originally from Portsmouth with a background in art and photography, I've spent the past four years working for major production companies including Universal, Warner Brothers and Netflix. Wielding a degree in Television and Film Set Design, I am keen to design interesting graphics, props and worlds that help to tell a story from the pages of a script.
I also work as an illustrator and have provided artwork for clients including BBC Studios, Penguin Random House and Big Finish Productions. I've produced lots of fun shiny artworks; from printed posters to digital assets, video thumbnails to book covers, and 5 limited edition blu-ray steelbook covers. I particularly love portraiture and have developed a colourful style in the past few years. It may be the oldest cliche in the book but I've drawn ever since I was little; I have the chaotic 4-year-old Harry Potter doodles to prove it!
Currently I am based in beautiful South Wales, and I am always keen to meet new people and discuss potential collaborations, or even just to connect and have a chat (preferably with a tea in hand)! Please do get in touch using the contact form, or send an email to sophiecowdreyart@gmail.com.
A full CV and updated portfolio is available on request.
Thank you!
View a full list of my credits below:
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